SEM Tips to Help you Grow Your Website


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) provides marketers with a highly measurable and effective method of connecting to their customers directly through search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google AdWords using appropriate keyword searches. You can use SEM software such as Wordstream to achieve this goal. Some advantages of SEM software solutions include:

  • Productivity: strong SEM tools allow for keyword grouping, organization and discovery. Combined with the powerful SEM workflow tools, you are in a position to prioritize SEM tasks.
  • Relevance: it allows you to create powerful keywords
  • Value: increased relevancy and productivity ensures you save money and time

Understanding how SEM works

search-engine-marketing-basicsOver the past years, keywords popularity has tremendously increased. One of the widely used metrics to find out the value of a keyword is cost per click and monthly search volume. With some more data, this is in a position to convert into competition. Monthly search volume could be described as the total number of times a particular keyword or phrase has been searched on a particular search engine such as Google. On the other hand, cost per click refers to the amount you would have to pay the search engine firm for the visits to your sites.

Without any doubt, some keywords are able to fetch you many visitors who then become customers. The rate of visitors’ conversion is known as conversion rate. It is wise to note that, best keywords don’t have to be those with high search volumes, but those with the highest rates of conversions as well as balanced search volume amount.

Understanding the right keywords to use requires you to conduct thorough SEO or hire professionals SEO companies. Moreover, it is wise to ensure that your site is updated and able to convert your visitors into customers.

Many businesses prefer SEM for its ability to draw fresh clients. Depending on the nature of competition in your industry, fully dependence on unpaid SEO causes your business to rank low. However, paying for SEM allows you to exercise more control over particular keywords that are capable of promoting your business. Moreover, it gives you total control on the keywords that ensure you rank high on search results. Some of the largest search engines including Bing, Yahoo and Google, which provide simple programs that need forms filling and placing some money as credit.

SEM Tools

You can get SEM tools from the Wordstream software to grow your website really fast. This will enable relevance, value and productivity by offering innovative SEM tools. These tools are in a position to simplify the following tasks:

  • Intelligent keyword grouping- SEM tools from WordStream are designed perfectly in order to simplify your keyword segmentation, organization and grouping efforts.
  • Long tailed keywords- the WordStream software provides you with SEM tools that provide you with continuous and comprehensive keywords.

The Functions of keywords in SEM

SEM-Tools-300x255WordStream SEM tools are in a position to leverage keyword suggestions and research to provide you with a list of keywords that are unending. It does so by taking a closer look at the history of your website to provide new search queries. This allows you to have a long list of unending keyword information. Additionally, the software will provide you will exclusive and relevant list of keywords since the keywords are drawn from site with specific traffic data and log. This implies that you exclusively use these keywords.

As a businessperson, it is wise to expand the reach of your marketing. This could be by reaching new demographics that prove to be underserved by the current marketing strategy. You may need to expand your participation on social media or another location or gender or age group. Consider conducting some social media research in order to gauge the markets.

Effective marketing of your website is very crucial and forms a great foundation in the success of your business. For this reason, it is wise to keep updated marketing efforts and don’t forget to plan on expansion and growth. Moreover, you may want to diversify your services or products. This will ensure that you reach as many customers as possible.

SEM and Keyword grouping

Now that you have a wide range of keywords, you will need to manipulate and maintain them to allow you to effectively maximize on your inexpensive clicks and long tail terms. Search engines try to offer searchers with relevant ads and to succeed in this; they make use of algorithms that focus on:

  • Click-through rate- this refers to the rate of searchers who come across your ads and clicks on them
  • Relevance- keywords’ relevance to their Ad Groups

SEM Management

The WordStream software allows you to comfortably manage a wide range of aspects from one dashboard. Some SEM services include:

  • Keyword suggestion and research- the tools are able to provide you with important website growth information. In addition, you get access to actionable and real keyword suggestions and research.
  • Keyword grouping- the WordStream software puts the researched keywords inside the same platform. Here you will come across the best keyword grouping and cost saving tools.
  • Campaign publishing- moreover, the application provides you with full integrations with some of the leading search engine APs. This allows you to post and download account alterations to the search marketing account by just a single click.

SEM includes SEO

The WordStream software does not play the role of a bought search tool only, but incorporates SEO as well. Moreover, it is fully featured and provides a wide range of utilities. Some of its features include: continuous and deep keyword research, wide range of management tools as well as intelligent keyword grouping. It also provides the following benefits: value, productivity and relevance.

Benefits of SEM over SEO

  • Boosts sales events or promotions- if you are looking to accomplish immerse traffic in a short period, SEM is the perfect choice. This is because it raises your exposure during your campaign period. Moreover, you are capable of controlling costs of your SEM program by limiting the duration.
  • Raise exposure- in case you are lagging far behind the SEO organic or you are simply looking to respond to competition, it is wise to make use of the paid SEM to help you get your site and name higher in the rankings.
  • Find some of the best keywords- SEM allows you to discover some of the most effective phrases and keywords to use in driving more traffic to your website. Moreover, you can re-use the keywords and phrases in your SEO campaign.


SEM should not intimidate you. If properly used in your website, it can prove to be a cost efficient and effective tool that brings numerous clients to your website. The best thing about it is that you will always have full control on the amount you spend. It is wise to do proper research before using this tool. Moreover, you can hire a professional to help you out.