Content Marketing Tips for Small Business


Content marketing is a great tool that allows you to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to your audience. Good strategies enhance visibility of your business to potential customers. This strategy also allows you to attract, acquire and engage with your potential customers. You should post quality information, well-compiled and non-duplicated content regularly. Here are 14 tips that will help you to market your content. Content Marketing

  1. Enquire from your customers

content marketing 2First, you should define your target audience. To know what they want, you should enquire what they want to know. It can be the reason you want them to prefer your products and services over the others. You will need to write a blog or video clip showing the differences between your business and that of your competitors.

Conduct online survey, interact with them on social media and review their comments and the most-visited page of your website. This will help you to know where their interests lie.

You should also carry out research on the top-trafficked sites, the content trending and the keywords used by people to find the sites. This will help you to understand the topics and strategies that were successful and also enable you to forecast the future content and strategy to use.

  1. Focus on helping your customers

You can help your customers by stating your credential properly. You should also optimize the keywords. Give them valuable content that will meet their need to fulfill their goals. Thus, you should update your promo pages frequently and accurately.

  1. Be consistent

It is the key ingredient to success. You should regularly post and publish content on your website. It gives your audience an opportunity of seeing your business name. Publish your content at around the same time and date. This will help your audience to know when to expect your next post; you will be in a position to build a momentum. You can also create a content marketing calendar, which gives you ample time to strategize, brainstorm, create and publish content.

  1. Define content format

content-circleSocial media networks algorithms favors content with other forms of media. Content format creates more value to your content. You can use text, videos, blog posts, quotes, images and audios format. Define your content by:

  • Creating live-streams, webinars and info-graphics.
  • Being idealistic, creative, innovative and unique. Plagiarism of ones content does not add value to your content. You can use someone’s idea and expand it in a unique way.
  • Making a podcast, creating attractive slide shows and also recording conversations with experts.
  • Video blogging consistently creates high-quality content. It is affordable and saves on time.
  • Creating short videos. They are advantageous in that they are easy to digest and shoot. They do not create boredom to your audience.
  1. Share and promote your content

It is not enough to just publish your content and wait for people to view it. You must put efforts in increasing the visibility of your stuffs to your target consumers. Promote your content through social media profiles and email marketing strategies.  Referencing your favorite TV shows or games, help in adding taste to your content.

Be active on establishing networks on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube among others. Ensure your profile is complete with your business information, photos and other information. You should engage in conversation with others and share your ideas and those of others. In turn, someone will share yours too. This will establish traffic to your website.

Seek for online entities such as blog that are based on your business content. Offer to contribute an article to their sites and also use guest post strategies. Encourage your audience to share your content in their networks. This will allow you to establish links promoting your website.

  1. Promote your business through forums and interviews

Connect with local media reporters. Request for interviews in the local social media, that covers your content information. This will attract more traffic to your website after listening to you. You can also use reinforce firms in case you are overwhelmed. These are firms that help you to market your content and offer advices to you.

  1. Aggregate

 It means gathering links by use of automated process.  It is not a must that you produce all the content by yourself; make links available somewhere. By this, you direct users to the original content. In turn, you will increase your own traffic and also you will be in a position to give useful information to your audience.

  1. Curate

Curating is the act of filtering, republishing and sharing the content of others. It allows you to synchronize your community and add value to both your content and the original content.

  1. Understand social trends

Understanding social trends helps you to base your topic in real-time. This will enhance the visibility of your content. Social media keeps you updated on the current issues that tend to attract many readers; basing your topic on the trends attracts their attention. Thus, if you have valuable information, many will establish links with you.

  1. Utilize visual content

Visual content is more appealing to people; we tend to be naturally wired to visual content. Ensure your content is appealing to human eyes. This is through enhancing your text with images videos, info-graphics, audios and other content format features. This tends to attract many audiences to your site.

  1. Repurpose content

Creating and researching for a new topic is time consuming. You can repurpose content by updating the older contents, creating supplemental blogs on the content you had already created. This creates a valuable package of content for your potential customers.

  1. Maintain short and attracting posts

You should be precise when writing your content. However, it should be meaningful. Drive your content home by making it valuable. Many people ignore long contents.

  1. Be unique and creative

Uniqueness of your content drives traffic to your site. Work on being creative in creating your contents. With this, you will be able to attain email address, remarks or even achieve transactions with your audience. This will also encourage them to share your content with others in their networks.

  1. Acknowledge your audience reviews on your content

Be active in responding positively to their reviews on your content, be it negative or positive review. Acknowledge negative reviews and give an assurance of making up to their expectations. The way you respond to them will influence the traffic on your site. Encourage your customers to leave ratings and reviews if they are satisfied with your services and products. Their reviews highly reflect the content you present to them.


Content writing is demanding; you have to be dedicated to it for better results. Remember nothing will come to you on a silver plate; you have to work for it. Follow the above content marketing tips and enhance their effectiveness by repeating the strategies over and over. This will ensure that you achieve your traffic goals thus helping you to compete with big players and build your credibility as a player.